Checklick Annual CANSail Instructor Survey Insights

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This is a follow up post to our 2 previous blog post but this time, we go even deeper into the insights.

Our posts were broken down into 3 with each one going deeper into our findings.  In the first post, we simply reported the the annual CANSail instructor survey results and in the second, we covered our analysis of the results.

This is the 3rd post so let's get into things on a deeper level.  Here we go!


We compared level by year, salary by year, and salary by level. This is where the trends start to become apparent. Let’s take a look at levels by year.

CANSail Instructor levels by year

You’ll notice this downward trend of less and less coaches involved in CANSail 1/2 as the years go on until you hit 5+ years where there is a spike. Obviously, new coaches need to cut their teeth teaching the basic levels of sailing in order to eventually get the pedagogy and content knowledge to progress to more complex levels, hence the heavy bottom end. 

But, what explains the spike at the 5+years mark? One explanation may be, from a program's perspective, a way to increase coach development, athlete retention, and overall sailing knowledge would be to place some of your most experienced coaches where they can provide the best first time experience to both athletes and new coaches. It seems CANSail 3/4 coaches follow a similar trend as CANSail ½ coaches.


CANSail instructor Salary by year

In terms of salary by year, you see a strong trend of the lowest pay range decreasing as the years go on.  We do see a similar trend with an increase in higher pay ranges as the years go on but it seems to be happening on a smaller scale. You would expect the trend to be somewhat proportionate to the the decrease in the lowest pay, but, again, this can be partially explained by our data skew towards CANSail 1/2 respondents. Also, that funneling effect of fewer high level coaches could explain some of this too.


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Checklick Annual CANSail Sailing Survey: Results Analysis


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