Checklick Annual CANSail Instructor Survey

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CANSail Checklick

161 CANSail Sailing Instructors have spoken!  Let's hear what they have to say.

2016 marked the inaugural Checklick Annual CANSail Instructor Survey in order to generate some baseline data to understand the coaching landscape.


We wanted to see what trends exist in paying our coaches and where opportunties lie to keep instructors happy aside from strictly compensation.  The results were really interesting to us, with many of us at Checklick coming from a sailing coach background.  Let’s dive right into this by talking about our research methods. 


We asked 8 questions, 2 with follow ups. These questions were diagnostic in nature, presenting closed options to keep results focused.  Questions ranged from a salary/wage focus to exploring alternative perks coaches may receive as compensation.  This allowed for survey completion within minutes. We polled a population of 600 coaches ranging from CANSail 1 to Head Instructor positions from all around Canada and received 161 responses which gave us a 27% response rate, not bad for our first iteration.  Although we're happy with the response rate, the greater the sample size, the more accurrate our findings so please keep us in mind for next year!


We'd like thank everyone for participanting and a special thank you to Sail Canada one of our long time partners!


Below is a sample of one of the infographics you'll find in the survey results and stay tuned to the Clipboard Blog for more posts where we'll present more in depth insights of our findings!


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Download Annual CANSail Instructor Survey Results


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Checklick Annual CANSail Sailing Survey: Results Analysis

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